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Welcome to the specialty store with handmade products designed by Adam Čeladín and produced in our workshops in the EU.

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AceJet Leather Case - Holdem

Premium leather case for your steel beauties.

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Manufacturer: AceJet
Color (Leather)
USD 69.00 (65.50 EUR)

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Material: leather
Thickness (in / mm): 50
Length (in / mm): 290
Width (in / mm): 80


The best way to carry Your Set of 3 throwing knives in a high quality leather. This case is handmade in Bohemia from the most premium genuine leather and fits all ACEJET throwing knives. Thanks to its separated pockets you don´d have to worry about your knives clinking to each other. And new belt system makes sure they won´t slip out so easily.


100% leather


Product is proudly handmade in Bohemia.


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