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Welcome to the specialty store with handmade products approved by Adam Čeladín and produced in our workshops in the EU.

Introduction » Shurikens & Bo-shurikens » ACEJET BARRACUDA 12", Bo-Shuriken - set of 3


ACEJET BARRACUDA 12", Bo-Shuriken - set of 3

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Product no.: 7378
EAN code: 8594176641034
USD 269.00 (248.08 EUR)

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ACEJET Wooden Gift Box
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ACEJET COBRA 12", Bo-Shuriken - set of 3
ACEJET COBRA 12", Bo-Shuriken - set of 3
OUR PRICE USD 269.00 (248.08 EUR)
ACEJET LIZARD 12", Bo-Shuriken - set of 3
ACEJET LIZARD 12", Bo-Shuriken - set of 3
OUR PRICE USD 269.00 (248.08 EUR)
Manufacturer: AceJet
Material: 14260 Spring Steel
Thickness (in / mm): 0,39 / 10
Length (in / mm): 12 / 305
Width (in / mm): 0,9 / 23
Weight (oz / g): 11 / 312

ACEJET BARRACUDA 12", Bo-Shuriken, set of 3

Set of 3 throwing Bo-Shurikens approved by 5-time world champion in instinctive knife throwing and member of the international knife throwers hall of fame Adam Čeladin.


A specialty from the acejet workshop is a unique boshuriken (in its shape, purpose of use), but it takes over some characteristics of throwing knives (length and weight). This combination created a fantastic thrower for universal use and for the joy of throwing.


Long, thick but slim, made of Spring Steel (14260), that's what our new bo-shurikens are. 

Lenght - 12 inch (304mm), Thickness  0,39 inch (10mm), Weight 11 oz (312 g)

Technique / Style

Throwing ninja style with our bo shurikens. Bo-shuriken is designed to be comfortably thrown with nospin technique as well as spin technique. The nail-like shape, similar to the shape of a sea predator, is conservative, perfect for any grip. You have to try it yourself how well this knife holds in your hand.


Product is handmade in Bohemia.

This Bo-Shuriken set includes

  • set of 3 professional Bo-Shurikens wrapped in the Adam's typical scarf,
  • an ace of hearts, which is meant to place on the centre of the target to strike with the knife,


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