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Introduction » Hunting Knives » ACEJET BOHEMIA - SanMai Hunting Knife


ACEJET BOHEMIA - SanMai Hunting Knife

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Product no.: 7385
EAN code: 8594176641102
USD 179.00 (164.83 EUR)

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ACEJET Wooden Gift Box
ACEJET Wooden Gift Box
OUR PRICE USD 25.00 (23.02 EUR)
OUR PRICE USD 179.00 (164.83 EUR)
Manufacturer: MaceMaker
Material: Damascus Steel, VG-10 Steel
Blade thickness (in / mm): 0,16 / 4,2
Thickness (in / mm): 1,02 / 26
Length (in / mm): 10,63 / 270
Width (in / mm): 1,42 / 36
Weight (oz / g): 8,1 / 232

Exclusive Bohemia Hunting Knife

AceJet presents a handmade fixblade hunting knife that will be the pride of your collection. The Japanese damascus blade with a cutting core out of VG10 steel was combined with a hardwood handle in the MaceMaker artisan workshop.

New products are in the style of "SanMai" (JAP) sandwich construction of the blade. This represent the top technology that gives the knives the best properties from the very logic of the thing. This is reflected in the construction of the most elaborate part of the knife, i.e. the blade itself... Allow us to show you here, in a simple, practical way, the ESSENCE of this technology...

Sustained cutting ability is an ESSENTIAL PROPERTIES in knives. In the case of the so-called "SanMai" blade, it is determined by its very construction. The central "razor blade", which ONLY ENSURES THE PENETRATION OF THE BLADE INTO THE MATERIAL, IS THE HEART OF THE BLADE ... As every heart is protected, this "razor blade" is also protected by an anvil material on the sides, in our case the highest quality "Damascus" steel construction. But we must not forget the fact that the cutting itself (penetration into the material) is 100% dependent on this "razor".

Blade material

  • Damascus steel with cutting core out of Japanese VG10 Stainless Steel hardened to 60 HRC +-2 HRC. The very hard cutting core is surrounded on both sides by steel with high toughness and elasticity, which ensures the unbreakability of the knife while maintaining a long-lasting edge.

  • The blade (cutting core and lateral Damascus steel around the cutting core) is entirely stainless steel and at the same time a very hard cutting core is achieved. This is proof of quality material, when the component ensuring that the steel does not rust is combined with the material ensuring high hardness. This combination is highly valued by greatest experts in knifemaking who understand knife steels.

  • If this knife falls to the ground, there is no risk of its destruction thanks to the protection of the very hard cutting core by the side more flexible steels.

Handle material

  • All handle materials are always solid materials - never with finishes that imitate another material. all materials are honest so that this knife does not have a weak point. The combination of design, materials of the blade and the material of the handle make the knives very useful and luxurious at the same time.


Product is proudly made in Bohemia (EU).


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