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ACEJET Multi-Throwing Game

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ACEJET Multi-Throwing Game

Hello my friends! We have launched unique, one of its kind Throwing Game.

It contains all the necessary equipment you need to start throwing, which is three different types of throwers, one wooden target and fancy handbook with unique games for you to play alone or with your friends and family.

This game gives every starter the best way to get into the art of throwing.


The main goal of this set is to have fun with our your friends and family and help you improve your throwing skill.


Everything in the box is AceJet handmade quality. Knives and throwing stars are made out of Spring steel, Vintage darts have a hand forged tip. The target is made of northern spruce and is engraved on both sides for multiple games.


Product is handmade in Bohemia.

ACEJET Multi-throwing game includes

  • 3x throwing knife AceJet Hornet
  • 3x Vintage Dart Omaha
  • 3x AceJet Throwing Star 
  • 1x AceJet Target 21" Double Sided
  • 1x Handbook Full of Fun with unique throwing games
  • 3x AceJet ace of hearts


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