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Introduction » Throwing Darts » ACEJET VINTAGE DARTS OMAHA - Throwing dart - set of 6


ACEJET VINTAGE DARTS OMAHA - Throwing dart - set of 6

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Product no.: 7329
EAN code: 8594176640266
USD 199.00 (183.53 EUR)

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ACEJET Vintage Darts Game Plus
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Manufacturer: AceJet
Material: 14260 Spring Steel, wood
Thickness (in / mm): 0,35 / 9
Length (in / mm): 12,2 / 310
Weight (oz / g): 1,34 / 38

AceJet Vintage Darts Omaha - Set of 6


Dart throwing has been popular for many decades, that is why our Power Darts have a vintage look. With these you can feel like you are in a medieval pub having fun throwing darts with your mates.


The Vintage Darts Omaha are made by us in the Czech Republic, handmade, out of the best quality materials - forged tip (14260 spring steel), very durable wooden rod and flights out of real feathers.


Product is handmade in Bohemia.

This set includes

  • Set of 6 Vintage Darts Omaha
  • an Ace of Hearts, that can be used as a target


  • They are handmade in Europe from European materials, no China, no pressure on the manufacturing cost. Our only parameter is TOP manufacturing quality. 
  • The feeling of the grip, flight and the sound of darts hitting a target is just awesome and even starting throwers will fall in love with this sport faster than while using cheap chinese darts.


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