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Introduction » Kitchen Knives » ACEJET MONA - SanMai Chef Kitchen Knife


ACEJET MONA - SanMai Chef Kitchen Knife

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Product no.: 7643
EAN code: 8594176643953
USD 99.00 (91.16 EUR)

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Manufacturer: AceJet
Material: Damascus Steel, VG-10 Steel
Blade thickness (in / mm): 0,08 / 2
Length (in / mm): 13,58 / 345
Weight (oz / g): 10,16 / 288

ACEJET MONA, SanMai Chef Kitchen Knife


AceJet continues its tradition of the highest quality products and launches DAMASCUS SANMAI type kitchen knives.

These knives have all the advantages demanded by customers in the USA and EU. It is a Japanese "SanMai" damascus steel mounted to a handle. This combination can be found for example on knives of the highest quality from German manufactures from Solingen.

Knives contain:
- stainless steel damascus blade with middle cutting layer "razor"
- massive high-quality knife guard, that protects the hand
- massive high-quality knife butt, that protects the knife against damage


Double-sided damascus blade with a middle cutting layer made from VG-10 steel.


Noble woods ex. ebony, olive, padauk ...

Knife guard and butt

The knives are fitted with a massive stainless steel guard and butt for protection.


Note: Our knife is our friend, that's why it doesn't like "diving" in the washing machine :)


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