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ACEJET Competition Endgrain Target

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After almost a year of development, it´s time to introduce our best target yet...

AceJet Competition Endgrain Target


500 mm diameter, five 10 mm wide zones Stainles steel metal strip wrapped around the whole target keeps the wood in shape and can withstand tremendous forces.

AceJet Competition Target is a result of many months of development and testing. Its was created in cooperation with the most skillful craftsmen in Bohemia region with decades of experience. Northern Spruce wood will get you more successful throws and thanks to stainless steel strip, the target will last together for a very, very long time. You can also give it some splash of water for better sticking.

Thanks to its relatively compact size and top handle, AceJet Competition Target can be easily carried arount and be hanged on any tree branch, shed or wall. The weight of the target is about 6 Kgs (approx 13,2 lbs).

Throwing field will not get washed out so easily thanks to our newest engraving technique. You can therefore leave your target outside on direct sunlight and the contrast will still be the same.

Official Throwing Competition target:

When designing this target, we have also kept in mind that it has to meet al the criteria required by official competitions. And we nailed it! This target can be used for practicing and even on official Knife or Axe throwing competitions.


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