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Welcome to the special shop with throwing equipment of Adam Čeladín! 5-time world champion and top guru and mentor in various disciplines of the throwing knives sports industry.

Introduction » Throwing Knives » Appache D2 - 10" Throwing Knife Set of 3


Appache D2 - 10" Throwing Knife Set of 3


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Material: D2 steel
Thickness (in / mm): 0,24 / 6
Length (in / mm): 10 / 25,3
Weight of 1 knife (oz / g): 9,24 / 262

Throwing knife AceJet APPACHE

Halfspin Week on September 22.-29. Set of 3 knives + 1 for free

Throwing knife AceJet APPACHE D2 - SET of 3

Throwing knife exclusively designed by the 5-time World Champion - Adam Celadin. D2 knives are 1/2" longer than our standard Spring steel knives.


Proffesional hand made Throwing Knives - developed and daily used by Adam Celadin - 5-time world champion and top guru, mentor and influencer in various disciplines of the throwing knives sports industry


D2 steel is high resistance kind of tool steel and also very popular knife steel. In industry, it is used for punches, dies and various types of knives in machines.

D2 has a high corrosion resistance - much higher than other tool steels. It is also used in the armament of special army units.

Due to its durability, it is very difficult to grind and machine.

D2 contains a high value of carbon, chromium and a number of refining elements. The composition of D2 is as follows: Carbon: 1.4 - 1.6, Magnese: 0.6, Chromium: 11.0 - 13.0, Nickel: 0.3, Vanadium 1.1, Molybdenum: 0.7 - 1.2

The size of the knives is 10 inches (25,3 mm), the weight is 9,24 oz (262g), the thickness is 6mm.


The Classic Osetr Knife has simply the perfect universal throwing shape for any technique that also could be used at competitions due to their proper parameters and of course their exceptionally durable steel tip.


We produce everything Handmade in Bohemia.


  • Full Set + Bonus: you receive a set of 3 knives, 3 cards of aces (to be used as target points), certificate of authenticity and a bonus of functional scarf accompanying Adam's unparalleled racy style

You can choose from 4 variants of your knives´s wrapping:

  • Adam´s iconic black Scarf branded with quilled AceJet logo
  • Leather case Holdem - Brown
  • Leather case Holdem - Black
  • Leather case Holdem - White


  • They are handmade in Europe from European materials, no China, no pressure on the manufacturing cost. Our only parameter is TOP manufacturing quality. 
  • All our knives are precisely designed according to Adam Čeladín - 5 time world champion and top guru, mentor and influencer in various disciplines of the trowing knives sports industry
  • Lifetime warranty - you buy these knives for life. They will not loose their value, they won´t break and that is why you won´t have to get a new one.
  • They are designed and manufactured as a professional competition knives.
  • Adam Čeladín recommend professional knives even to beginners, because they will make much faster progress with them.
  • The feeling of the grip, flight and the sound of knives hitting a target is just awesome and even starting throwers will fall in love with this sport faster than while using cheap chinese knives.


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