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Welcome to the specialty store with handmade products approved by Adam Čeladín and produced in our workshops in the EU.

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ACEJET Complete Knife Throwing Set

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Knives model
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ACEJET Complete Knife Throwing Set


Everything you need for professional throwing in one set. Acejet gives you a chance to save up on thease products by buying tham all in one beneficial bundle. 


As specified in each product.


Product is handmade in Bohemia.

This Knives set includes

  • Set of 3 of the Adam's most recommended throwing knives AceJet Stinger (you can change the type of knife, just let us know in the comment of the order)
  • Professional wooden Competition Endgrain Target
  • leather case,
  • safety net,
  • additional gifts such as ace of hearts, which is meant to stick to the centre of the target and hit it with the knife,
  • typical Adam's scarf,


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