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Welcome to the specialty store with handmade products designed by Adam Čeladín and produced in our workshops in the EU.

Introduction » Chakrams » ACEJET Chakram Guru 8" - D2, Sharp Ring


ACEJET Chakram Guru 8" - D2, Sharp Ring

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Manufacturer: AceJet
Material: D2 Steel
Diameter (in / mm): 8 / 204
Thickness (in / mm): 0,11 / 3
Weight (oz / g): 8,1 / 232

ACEJET Chakram Guru 8" - D2, Sharp Ring


We designed an authentic weapon that follows the traditional qualities and parameters of ancient chakram used in the past by Indian warriors. 

Made from the prestigious D2 Steel and with a semi-sharp grind all round, we believe you will have a great time with our new AceJet Guru.


Product is proudly handmade in Bohemia.


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