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Introduction » NO SPIN Throwers (9,5-10 in) » Shadow Steel Finish » ACEJET KUNAI SHADOW Steel - Throwing knife - set of 3


ACEJET KUNAI SHADOW Steel - Throwing knife - set of 3

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ACEJET Wooden Gift Box
ACEJET Wooden Gift Box
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ACEJET KUNAI - Throwing knife - set of 3
ACEJET KUNAI - Throwing knife - set of 3
OUR PRICE USD 227.05 (209.07 EUR)
Manufacturer: AceJet
Material: 14260 Spring Steel
Thickness (in / mm): 0,31 / 8
Length (in / mm): 10 / 254
Width (in / mm): 1,22 / 31
Weight (oz / g): 7,5 / 214

Throwing Knife AceJet KUNAI Shadow Steel - Set of 3

Set of 3 throwing knives exclusively designed by the 5 times World Champion - Adam Celadin.

This blackened version of classic AceJet throwing knife has the same steel as the other knives - The same top quality Spring Steel 14260, same hardening, same grinding - the only difference is the black surface treatment, which is made by the blackening method. We really like how blackened knife looks like. They look rough, nothing dirt them so easily, rust doesn't attack them so easily and they remain the same amazing throwing knives we are used to.


AceJet Kunai throwing knife has a design that we have been developing with Adam for a long time. It keeps all the basic features of a traditional kunai while providing versatile knife throwing. YES AceJet Kunai is suitable for all throwing techniques with emphasis on NO SPIN, which is really great, because other kunai on the market does not allow comfortable NO SPIN throwing. Our goal was to make a traditional and versatile throwing kunai with a large back hole, that is made out of strong materials (Spring Steel 14260, that you know from other AceJet Knives), with full length - 25cm (10inches) and full thickness 8 mm (0,315 inches). Speaking of a bigger hole, you can use this throwing knife to tie to a rope, which adds another fun way to throw with this knife.


Because of the best quality material (14260 Spring Steel) and the large thickness of the knives, they are practically indestructible and can hit the target with tremendous force.


Do you prefer slim knives and more front heavy? Then our Kunai is a great choice for you. Very badass for instinctive throwing, sticking deep into the target! And unlike other AceJet knives, it has a larger back hole to tie it up to a rope or whatever ,,kunai" technique you would like to use.  Developed for NO SPIN throwing, but for halfspin and fullspin the knife is also suitable with no problem. In this sense, it is a very versatile knife.

Great performances in long distance throws. This knife is much easier to stick into the target from a longer distance. Thanks to the extended end of the knife, the ideal slim shape (but still 8mm thick), it works wonderfully over longer distances.


Product is handmade in Bohemia.

This knife set includes

  • set of 3 throwing knives wrapped in the Adam's typical scarf,
  • an ace of hearts, which is meant to place on the centre of the target to strike with the knife,
  • cerificate of authenticity.



Usage: throwing in the wood


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