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Welcome to the specialty store with handmade products approved by Adam Čeladín and produced in our workshops in the EU.

Introduction » NO SPIN Throwers (9,5-10 in) » ACEJET MIX - make your own set of 3


ACEJET MIX - make your own set of 3

make your own set from any 3 AceJet knives you want

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ACEJET Wooden Gift Box
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Throwing knife set AceJet MIX

Set of 3 throwing AceJet knives of your choice.


Professional throwing knives approved by 5-time world champion in instinctive knife throwing and member of the international knife throwers hall of fame Adam Čeladin.


Because of the best quality material (14260 Spring Steel) and the large thickness of the knives, they are practically indestructible and can hit the target with tremendous force.


  • APPACHE - The Classic Osetr Knife has simply the perfect universal throwing shape for any technique that also could be used at competitions due to their proper parameters and of course their exceptionally durable steel tip.
  • BOWIE - The legendary Bowie shape is great mainly for half and spin throwing and with its handle the same as your normal knives you’re gonna feel the great grip and smooth release right away.
  • DAGGER - Do you prefer slim knives and more front heavy? Than our Dagger might be a great choice for you. Very badass for instinctive throwing, sticking deep into the target!
  • EXCALIBUR - Despite being 8mm it has an optimal weight around 240 grams which makes it the total winner for any technique out there and you will find yourself amazed at how easier it is to throw longer distances with them! Excalibur is simply the must have in your collection!
  • FALCON - If you are looking for something in a Bayonet shape or more classic knife design, but for throwing, our Acejet Falcon could be the choice for you. It works with any technique and it will fly toward your target with huge pride.
  • FINN - If you are mainly looking to learn the military half spin, they will sink very deep into the target due to the weight of the handle, but of course any technique could be done very nicely with the Acejet Finn.
  • GUILLOTINE - Our Acejet GUILLOTINE is going to find the target very quick and always perform the right job for you! If you more prefer Spin throwing but still like to try no-spin, you might give these a throw.
  • PATRIOT Front Heavy knife with a big blade that always goes deep into the target even though they are not that heavy. Great for any trip with your whole family around the country.
  • SHARK TEETH - These are amazing for spin throwing and you can be sure they will sink deep into the target and even could be used for plenty of other techniques. Shark would be allowed at competitions.
  • STINGER - Do you like a classic arrow shape? Than you definitely have to try Stinger, with a great surface and strong durable tip it’s the number one candidate for your next trip to a knife throwing tournament. With these you can be sure that you’re gonna score well.
  • STUMP HUNTER - Great mainly for spin throwing and if you prefer more front-heavy knives, Hunter could be the best choice and together you’re gonna hunt down lot of targets!
  • VIPER - Viper is always ready for your command and it will do the job just right, perfect for any technique and simply amazing for no spin.


Products are handmade in Bohemia.

This Knives set includes

  • set of 3 throwing knives
  • wrapped in the Adam's typical scarf,
  • an ace of hearts, which is meant to place on the centre of the target to strike with the knife.


Add names of your chosen knives into the NOTE during the order check out. 
The ordered knives must be in stock at the time of ordering.

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