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Introduction » Throwing Single Blade Axes » ACEJET Skykeeper Odin - Throwing Tomahawk


ACEJET Skykeeper Odin - Throwing Tomahawk

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Product no.: 7680
EAN code: 8594176644325
USD 65.00 (59.85 EUR)

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Manufacturer: AceJet
Length (in / mm): 19,69 / 500
Weight (oz / g): 25,15 / 713
Axe head length (in / mm): 6,1 / 155
Axe head height (in / mm): 4,13 / 105

ACEJET Skykeeper Odin - Throwing Tomahawk


Our newest addition to axe throwing - Throwing Tomahawk Skykeeper. Decoration is made by our new engraving technology.

The axe head is removable and the handle length can be adjusted to personal preference for optimal throwing.

This set includes

1x Skykeeper Odin

3x an ace of hearts, which is meant to place on the centre of the target to strike with the axe


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