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Welcome to the specialty store with handmade products designed by Adam Čeladín and produced in our workshops in the EU.

Introduction » Throwing Knives » Spring Steel » Shadow Steel Finish » ACEJET Slider – ALBION Breaker SHADOW Steel Throwing knife - Set of 3


ACEJET Slider – ALBION Breaker SHADOW Steel Throwing knife - Set of 3

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Product no.: 7295
Manufacturer: AceJet
EAN code: 8594176639864
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Variations of this product

Material: 14260 Spring Steel
Thickness (in / mm): 0,39 / 10
Length (in / mm): 11 / 280
Weight of 1 knife (oz / g): 11,71 / 332

Welcome in AceJet Slider throwing knife family, which includes knives with the GROOVE on the side - our latest innovation for throwing knives, which make knife throwing more accurate, consistent and powerful.

AceJet Slider BREAKER Shadow Albion

When we were developping these knives, our main focus was to make NOSPIN throwing more accurate, more powerful and much easier to stick to the target. That is why we decided to use Albion, since we definitely fall in love with this shape and also it is in Breaker edition, which means that it is easier for NoSpin throwing.
Our biggest innovation comes in terms of a channel along one side of the knife that will lead your finger and will ensure that the knife will much more likely be released along its axis.


Professional set of 3 throwing knives developed and daily used by Adam Celadin - 5-time world champion and top guru, mentor and influencer in various disciplines of the throwing knives sports industry.


The best quality material - 14260 Spring Steel, large thickness of the knives (10 mm) = indestructible knives
This blackened version of classic AceJet throwing knife has the same steel as the other knives - The same top quality Spring Steel 14260, same hardening, same grinding - the only difference is the black surface treatment, which is made by the blackening method. We really like how blackened knife looks like. They look rough, nothing dirt them so easily, rust doesn't attack them so easily and they remain the same amazing throwing knives we are used to.


Good old classic bayonet shaped throwing knives are simply a must have in any collection. Enjoy military half spin with classic shaped knife or NOSPIN with straight side of the knife. Of course any technique could be done very nicely with the Acejet Finn.


Product is handmade in Bohemia.


  • set of 3 throwing knives wrapped in the Adam's typical scarf,
  • an ace of hearts, which is meant to place on the centre of the target to strike with the knife,
  • cerificate of authenticity.


Usage: throwing in the wood


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