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Introduction » Celtic Knives » ACEJET Tanto Celtic Knife - White Cord


ACEJET Tanto Celtic Knife - White Cord

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Product no.: 7572
Celtic Knife size
USD 49.00 (45.12 EUR)

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Product no. / Goods name:
Case for Tanto Celtic Knife 8"
Case for Tanto Celtic Knife 8"
OUR PRICE USD 19.00 (17.50 EUR)
Case for Tanto Celtic Knife 10"
Case for Tanto Celtic Knife 10"
OUR PRICE USD 24.00 (22.10 EUR)
Case for Tanto Celtic Knife 12"
Case for Tanto Celtic Knife 12"
OUR PRICE USD 29.00 (26.70 EUR)
ACEJET Wooden Gift Box
ACEJET Wooden Gift Box
OUR PRICE USD 25.00 (23.02 EUR)
Manufacturer: AceJet
Material: 14260 Spring Steel

ACEJET Tanto Celtic Knife


Fully functional and handmade celtic/hunting/bushcraft knife from the Czech Republic (EU). The handle is sophisticatedly wrapped with thick leather flat rope for a comfortable grip. The advantage of the handmande Celtic knife is its complete indestructibility during any actions. With this knife you can cut, carve, split the wood and anything you can think of. 

The knife comes with a free brass carabiner and solid leather rope to secure the knife and prevent its loss immediately after use.


The blade is made of durable Samson Steel (a type of hi-carbon steel) hardened to 58 rockwell, for a sharp, long-lasting edge. The hardness of the knife is 58 +-1 Rockwell, total lenght 8 / 10 / 12 inch (204 / 254 / 305 mm), blade lenght 4,25 / 5,31 / 6,3 inch (108 / 135 / 160 mm), blade thickness 0,16 / 0,2 / 0,24 inch (4 / 5 / 6 mm).


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